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Author: webko
Thu 23 Aug, 2007 18:13:34

Reproduced from: News

Club President Sprucey yesterday sent out an APB on the proposed changes to the club's playing name for the coming season.

In part, the email read "Let me make it clear there has been no change to the 'Club's' name. We
are still, according to us ... the Kingsford Apaches Cricket Association."

President Spruce went on to outline the reasoning behind playing as the Kensington BC Apaches for the coming Summer season

"Part of this deal, as with any sponsorship, is how it will benefit the sponsor. An
agreement was reached with the KBC that this would greatly benefit them, as their name will
appear on the association website, our website and all hard copies of the draw."

Other senior players within the Club have generally supported this initiative as required for the ongoing health and growth of the Apaches. Club stalwart Craig ‘Elvis’ Johnson summed up the mood of a number of players

“Hearing of the name change for the Apaches, is somewhat disappointing. I guess the biggest dissapointment is that everyone i have played with (as an adult) has played for the "Kingsford Apaches".

He went on to say “My two cents is that this is a good deal, and will ensure we have a permanent base, and all those who have played for the last two years, in summer, i'm sure appreciate having the bowls club to go to”

It’s certainly a brave new world facing the Apaches this year...