Major Change to 4th Grade

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Author: webko
Thu 4 Oct, 2007 18:13:34

With the amalgamation of 4th and 3rd Grades for various reasons, the draw has been heavily revised

You can see the new draw here

Author: webko
Mon 8 Oct, 2007 18:13:34

And revised again, as St Pauls fall by the wayside... At this rate, we will be the undisputed champs of 3/4 grade, due to a lack of other teams to compete against...

Author: Mighty Whitey
Thu 22 May, 2008 16:45:37

if only that had been the case..........

Author: webko
Wed 28 May, 2008 00:33:11

Ah yes mate... but wooden spoon, wooden spoon, Top3 from 10 is still a mighty fine run.

Next season can't come soon enough (although Winter is fun as well...)