Post-Season Winter drinks - 21 Aug 2010

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Author: webko
Mon 16 Aug, 2010 09:07:25

Dear All,

You are all cordially (and beer-ily) invited to the post-season Winter 2010 drinks - a season to forget...

From 16:00 at the Sydney Park Hotel, 631 King St Newtown (cnr Lord St, next to St Peters station) this Saturday 21 Aug 2010

Any Apache, or their mates, or some bloke you found lieing in a gutter - they're all welcome... Hope to see you there...


Author: Will
Mon 16 Aug, 2010 18:15:37

Yeah I might pop my head in. Its not like there is anything important happening on saturday.

Author: webko
Tue 17 Aug, 2010 10:37:50

Waddya mean you haven't already voted??