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Author: webko, Polar and Sean
Wed 8 Sep, 2010 14:27:59

Welcome to Apaches Season 2010/11

Welcome to the 2010/11! I look forward to seeing you all.

The season starts on the weekend of October 9th/10th.

Our aims this year are twofold: to get some good results on the field, and to have classic social apaches after matches. The social life of the Apaches is something that we are very proud of, and we really want get into that this year.

In the meantime, please read the information below carefully. See you all on Rego Day.

Luke Malpass
Club Captain 2011
Rego Day – Saturday 18th September 1pm

This year’s registration day for the 2010/11 season will be on Saturday the 18th from 1pm - 4pm at the Kensington Bowling Club.

We need everyone who intends to play to come down and 1) register 2) pay fees 3) have a few beers and 4) have a few snags.

Please come down to register for the season, bring along any mates who you have collared in to play, pay fees, have a few beers, and we’ll get a BBQ going for around 3pm and probably head to the Rege from there.

Club Fees

This season’s fees will be the same price as last year’s if paid by rego day, there is also a special amnesty for those of you who did not pay last year. Please note that the price of $120 is a registration day price.

Fees Schedule:

$120 if paid on or before the first day of the season (this price applies if over half the balance is paid by rego day)

$140 if paid after registration day

For those who owe fees from last year:

$200 for both seasons if paid IN FULL by registration day (this is a very good deal!)

If you would like to pay in instalments please have a chat to Luke, Webko or Sean and we can work something out.

A NOTE ON FEES: Last year the club did not collect near the fees owed. These fees are important. They show that you are a financial member of the club who has a right to play. They are extremely cheap for a whole season of cricket. We use them to pay the association, ground fees, match balls etc. By not promptly paying fees, your mates that you play with are essentially bearing the cost of running the club. This is what occurred last year and we do not wish to repeat it.

So please, it’s your club, do pay as promptly as possible. We need as much by rego day as possible. All indications are that we will have plenty of players early in the season – so payment of fees will be taken into consideration when making team selections.


As most of you will know our club operates through the Apaches Website. News from week to week is up there including playing venues, teams and events. Please keep a regular eye on it.

In other news
We are still negotiating sponsorship for this year, watch this space

Luke, Sean and Webko