Marathon Cricket Challenge @ SCG 22nd-23rd January 2014

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Author: AL
Wed 27 Nov, 2013 16:28:07


Just to let everyone know that the Primary Club Co-ordinator has advised me that they are waiting for confirmation from some corporate teams for this event and that we are at the top of the waiting list.

For those that do not know, the Primary Club hosts a tournament on the SCG over 3 days, with a number of teams playing 12 overs innings contributing to a larger game score.

Players bat in pairs for two overs, and generally everyone bowls an over (unless people decline).

The cost to enter a team is somewhere around $1700, which works out to about $150 each and the money is going toward charity.

While this is yet to be confirmed, could people start advising if they are interested in this.

The event takes place over Wednesday 22nd and Thursday 23rd January 2014. Times are TBA.