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Author: William Sammuri
Thu 5 Oct, 2017 13:11:11

Teams for Saturday 7th and 14th of October:
Well, this was always going to happen early in the season with lots of availabilities. We're slightly oversubscribed. Those who have said that you're available if needed have been placed on reserve.
With 13 players named, there will be 2 specialist batsmen, and 2 specialist bowlers in each team. I have tried to make the teams accordingly. Apologies if you're placed in a grade you don't really want to play - this was *probably* the reason.
Fourth Grade vs South Sydney at Rowland 4, 12:30 for a 1:00 start:
Regan Behrendorff
Dereck Cameron
Josh Shipton
Josh Page
Paul McLean
Ajeet Kumar
Morley Goodchild
Josh Autridge
Lachlan Booth
Grant Wheeler
Declan O'Sullivan
Steve Evesson
Duncan PJ
Second Grade vs SRT at Rowland 1 12:30 for 1:00 start:
David Waterson
Isaac Williams
Patrick Foley
Ashwin Kirubanandan
Beng Russo
David Venn-Brown
Gazi Hosain
Bryan Seymour
Smokey Hawkins
Adam Mctaggart
Sujee Mampitiyarachchi
Mark Horvath
Chris Day
Reserves: Will Sammuri Adrian Fromm Ned