Round 1: Sat 10 and 17 October

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Author: webko
Sat 10 Oct, 2015 12:00:42

And here we go for another exciting season...

All matches 2 day matches starting 13:15 - please note that ground numbers have changed this season - I will refer to landmarks and possible old ground numbers as well where required

2nd Grade v Clovelly @ Rowland 1 (Cricket Nets):
Available: Bryan, Brad A, Pat, AL, Brad S, Watto, Sujee, Andrew Officer, Luke, McTaggart
Week 2: Jono, Josh A
(10 + 2 players)

4th Grade v Botany @ Boralee 3 (Monument)
Available: Will (c), Webko, Lox, VB, DC, Cam, Regan (kit), Tim, GG
Week 1: Gordon Smith
Week 2: Jez, Evo
(9 + 3 players)

5th Grade v Doncaster @ Jellicoe
Available: Adrian Climpson, D PJ, Sam Glass, Stewart, C Mortimer, Declan, Josh P, Ajeet, Nawab,
Week 1: Ned
Week 2: M Mortimer, Snacks, Mitch, J Mortimer
(9 + 4 players)

Unavailable: Stu, Isaac, Bren R, Chris D



Author: Stu Branch
Tue 6 Oct, 2015 09:26:14

Hi, im unavailable for the first two weeks of the season 10th and 17th October. Wishing everyone the best for the upcoming season, lets see some more finalists.

Author: pat foley
Tue 6 Oct, 2015 11:01:09


Author: Lukey
Thu 8 Oct, 2015 11:24:16


Author: evo
Fri 9 Oct, 2015 19:47:03

Available next week