Round 6 - Saturdays 5 and 12 Dec

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Author: webko
Fri 4 Dec, 2015 10:56:31

Dear All,

Another round of 2 day matches...

2nd Grade vs Clovelly at Moore Park 5 (old MP11, I think):
Ajeet, ALPHA, AndrewO, BradA, Ifrahim, Jono, Pat, Stu, Sujee, Watto,
Week 1: Isaac
Week 2: Bren R, Luke

4th Grade vs Botany @ Booralee 2 (monument)
Cam, DPJ, Evo, GG, JoshA, Lox, Regan, Timmy, VB, Webko
Week 1: JoSh S
Week 2: Will S, DC

5th Grade vs Clovelly @ Jellicoe
Adrian, Alki, Declan, Haydos, Josh P, Mortimers x 3, Sam
Week 1: Snacks
Week 2: Marty, Caitlin, Stewart

Unavailable: ChrisD, Brad S, CJ, Jez, Mitch

Final round for 2016 will be a one-day match followed by Xmas drinks at The Lakes.

Shirts are available, lots of sizes available, $50 for the 1000th Match commemorative shirt. They also look pretty damn fine...



Mon 30 Nov, 2015 21:53:39

Available week 1 thanks Tim

Author: evo
Tue 1 Dec, 2015 08:59:34


Author: stu branch
Thu 3 Dec, 2015 16:59:25

Available both weeks