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Author: webko
Fri 18 Dec, 2015 08:26:56

Final round for 2015 - there will be drinks for end of the year afterwards at The Lakes - please come down and show your support for our new sponsors, even if only for a short time. There will be some money on the bar...

All matches 1 day matches, starting at 13:00 sharp

2nd Grade vs Captain Cook @ Rowland 2
4th Grade vs Komodo Dragons @ Moore Park 5
5th Grade vs Captain Cook @ Rowland 3 (PCYC)

Available: webko, Lox, Ifrahim, DC, Jono, Cam, Alki, Watto, Declan, Hayden, Will S. Andrew O, Josh P, Steamboat, GG, AL, Ajeet, D PJ, VB, Stewart, Regan, Sujee, Sam, Pat, Adrian, Snacks, Evo, BradA, Timmy,
Ned (30 players)

Unavailable: Isaac, Chris D, Marty, Stu, JohnM, ChrisM, MattM, Brad S, JoSh S, Bren R, CJ

Let us know, yes or no, so we can organise the teams nice and early this week...



Tue 15 Dec, 2015 14:31:41

Available thanks Tim

Author: evo
Thu 17 Dec, 2015 06:35:29


Author: evo
Thu 17 Dec, 2015 06:35:58