Marathon Cricket @ SCG

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Author: Smokey
Fri 22 Jan, 2016 09:06:22

Marathon Cricket @ SCG

We have a provisional time / date

"We are pitching your two teams to play on WEDNESDAY morning, 3rd February, with Apaches to bat first at 7:40am, and Mulgoa at 9:00am, with a break in between innings for refreshments. This means your players should plan to arrive at Gate A (SCG Members' Entrance) NO LATER than 6:40am to complete registrations, change, team photos, rules, etc. You will be introduced to your team host (volunteer) on arrival."

Once again, while i would prefer that people who have yet to participate get first preference, this doesn't stop the rest of you from volunteering. I have all the t&c forms so please let me know if you are interested. I paid the deposit a few months ago so i will also need people to start ponying up the do$h asap ($180 pp might be tax deductible as is to a charity)


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