Round 10 - Saturday 23 Jan

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Author: webko
Fri 22 Jan, 2016 13:52:20

Dear All,

2nd Grade have a bye - regrades have been sent, still no response, playing people who wanted a game anyway

Matches, all starting at 13:00 sharp:

2nd Grade BYE

4th Grade v Doncaster at Moore Park 7
Team: Ajeet, Brad A, Cam, Dereck, GG, Luke, Stu, Timmy B, Will S, Snacks, Snappy
(11 players)

5th Grade v Coogee Bay at Booralee 3 (monument)
Team: Alki, Chris M, Haydos, John M, Josh P, Lox, Marty, Regan, Sam, Declan, webko
(11 players)

Unavailable: VB, Watto, Isaac, Bren R, JoSh S, Evo, Isaac, Iffy



Author: evo
Fri 22 Jan, 2016 09:23:33

Una vailable