Round 11 Saturday 30 Jan

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Author: webko
Fri 29 Jan, 2016 15:09:13

Full round of one-day matches - be good to get all the teams organised well in advance, so let us know Yes OR No as soon as you can... Only need another three players for full teams...

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the stupidity of placing the walking track inside ground boundaries, match on Rowland has been transferred to Booralee 4 (right in the middle of the ground)

2nd Grade vs Clovelly @ Booralee 3 (Monument):
AL, Bryan, Ajeet, Ifrahim, Isaac, Jono (late), Luke, Pat, Stu, Sujee, Watto
(11 players)

4th Grade vs Botany @ Booralee 2:
D PJ, DC, Evo, GG, TimmyB, VB, Will S, Cam, JoSh S, Andrew O, Brad A
(11 players)

5th Grade vs Clovelly @ Booralee 4 (NOT Rowland 3):
Chris M, Haydos, Josh P, Snappy, Lox, John M, Regan, Sam, webko, Alki, Declan
(11 players)

Unavailable: Stewart G, Chris D, Marty, Mitch, Bren R, Brad S.



Mon 25 Jan, 2016 16:38:24


Author: evo
Thu 28 Jan, 2016 07:06:13