Round 15 - Saturday 05 March

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Author: webko
Fri 4 Mar, 2016 15:50:18

Dear All,

And here we are at the final regular season round...

2nd Grade - BYE: Looking at the new table, we're relying on other results for finals - there's a 2 point gap between 4th and 5th....

4th Grade v Doncaster at Booralee 1
Ajeet, Al, Bibin, GG, Jono, JoSh S, Stu B, TimmyB, VB, Will S
(10 players)

5th Grade v Coogee Bay at Moore Park 4 (Fox Studios)
Chris M, Declan, Hayden, John M, Lox, Matt M, Mitch, Regan, Webko
(9 players)

Unavailable: D PJ, DC (injury), Marty (injury), Stewart, Chris D, Miley, Josh P, Snacks

Drinks after at the Lakes, and remember to keep yourself available for the afternoon of 16 April for our end of season and 1000th match celebrations...



Thu 3 Mar, 2016 18:08:46

Hi Tim I'm unavailable to play this weekend, I see you on
The 16th of April have a good one cheers snacks.