Div 11, Round 4 - SUNDAY June 05

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Author: webko
Fri 3 Jun, 2016 13:19:44

After going down in a hard fought match, the next match will this coming SUNDAY vs Chatswood at Bedlam Bay, Gladesville... Again, if you haven't been there previously, it can be difficult to find the ground, so allow for that in your travel plans...

Also, this ground is one of two in the comp that has _NO_ official closing - we _HAVE_ to show up for the umpire to tell us it's unplayable (Well, unless the Assoc decides it's all fscked, and there are no games on... Email early Sunday if that's the case..)

And given this Sunday's forecast is for relentless rain, with a chance of sleet, don't feel too bad at not being named.

Team: webko, Lox, John W, Isaac, MickT, Morley, Timmy, Regan, Josh A
( 9 players )

Available: webko, Lox, John W, Bibin, Ajeet, Isaac, MickT, Morley, Will, Matt W, Gordon (Bibin's mate), Timmy, Regan, JoshA, Gareth

(15 players)

Unavailable: D PJ, Jim W