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Author: webko
Fri 25 Sep, 2009 09:03:17

Hmmm, nasty spam attack overnight - an extra 180 posts... made a couple of changes, let's see if that helps

Author: webko
Sat 26 Sep, 2009 09:51:45

Apparently not, another 400 overnight... hmmm, don't want to make people login... thinking about what next to do.

Author: webko
Mon 28 Sep, 2009 10:10:10

OK, I think I may have spoked their wheels at last... Let's see if the spambots can post now - real people should be able to post, and spambots shouldn't

Author: qsmozdyz
Tue 13 Oct, 2009 07:16:30

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Author: LordBuff
Wed 30 Sep, 2009 12:47:55

qsmozdyz makes a good point

Author: webko
Wed 30 Sep, 2009 23:04:44

Ah well, one in 4 days is a lot better than 400 overnight... But it's still one too many dammit!!!

Author: qsmozdyz
Fri 2 Oct, 2009 08:38:53

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