Provisional teams 23/12/2017

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Author: ALPHA#20
Thu 21 Dec, 2017 17:38:20

Provisonal teams for the weekend:
23rds v Clovelly @ Rowland 1 (3rd v 4th)
David Waterson
Bryan Seymour
Pat Foley
Sujee Mampitiyarachchi
Stuart Branch
Adrian Fromm
Ajeet Kumar
Smokey Hawkins
Alex Hunter (debut!)

4th v Botany United @ Booralee 3 (battle of equal 1st)
Dereck Cameron
Josh Page
Josh Shipton
Josh Autridge
Steve Evesson
Morley Goodchild
Alkiviadis Pazpinis
Declan O'Sullivan
Paul McLean
Andrew Officer

Still haven't heard anything from Adam Mctaggart, Chris Day and Gazi Hosain and Jonathan Adamson yet to confirm.
As usual any further changes will be updated here and directly to the players / captains involved.

Please send comments or complaints through to me.