SMCA Div 15 Round 3: 1 June 2019 vs Malabar United A

Apaches boasted two players on debut along with the returning Matt Wright who was playing his first game in three years.

We elected to bowl first, and we’re off to a good start. Isaac Williams (2/11) and Will Sammuri (0/9) restricted the opposition to 2/20 off 12 overs. Isaac took both wickets as the desperately unlucky Sammuri was denied a wicket by seemingly holographic stumps. One of Isaac’s wickets was an astounding catch by Matt, and the other by Al at mid off.

Yap and the debuting Nick Thompson were up next. While Thompson bowled some pearlers, he was also erratic. However, he showed excellent promise. Smokey (1/33) struck a batsman in front. The opposition had only scored 67 off 18 overs. They had an excellent batsman who smacked us around a bit after the break. Smokey Hawkins hit a lovely runout, and Nick Thompson took two excellent catches in the deep off John Wright (3/45). Wheeler was unlucky not to get a wicket, but bowled tightly. Sujee and Matt helped finish off the overs. The opposition eventually all out for 187.

Isaac and Sujee opened our batting innings. In the second over, Isaac hit four 4s, and looked ominous before being out LBW for 22. Sujee was solid but was struggling to time the ball, eventually out for 25. Josh Mavin, another debut player was very unlucky with an inside edge that nicked the stumps for 4. GG was bowled after smacking 8. John kept the run rate ticking as always. Snacks unfortunately was also bowled.

The opposition’s attack was good, but we just kept the runs coming. Sammuri came to the crease after Snack’s departure and was seeing it well, hitting 27 very comfortably before hitting a glorious cover drive wide of cover, but not wide enough, spectacularly caught by a diving fielder.

Matt Wright finally made his return to the crease and was just sublime in his strokeplay. With John still at the crease, they were making the run chase look easy. Matt had a restriction where he was automatically out after hitting 40, and he did. Nick went in to bat, and whilst he didn’t score a run, a ball went for 4 byes which granted us the win with 3 overs to spare.

1st inns. – Malabar United A won toss and elected to bat
John Wright – 3/45 from 5 overs
Isaac Williams – 2/11 from 6 overs

2nd ins.
Matt Wright – 40*
John Wright – 38*