4th & 11th December 2021 @ Moore Park 4

by El Presidente

(from my somewhat dodgy memory)
Kingsford B Team chose to bowl.

Will had the ball on a string with movement both ways and off the pitch and ended with 8 wickets, his final wicket sneaking between the batter’s ankles as he tried to flick it down leg. Evo bowled so beautifully it was impossible to take him off, and G was bowling in his usual tidy fashion. Joe , Lachlan , and Paul all produced a few really good deliveries, but a bit of inconsistency limited them to short spells. The biggest improvement of the day was the fielding with the catching at 75% or better – your new VP Rohit , and new recruit Andy both took good catches, filling in from A team – thank you to all who came and helped us out in the field. Ramsgate bowled out in the ~45th over for around 130.

The run chase started well with Gazi finding the boundary with his usual flair, and Snacks powering a couple to the boundary before he skied one and was caught. Gazi hit one straight up that must have caused some air traffic concerns, but got away with it and survives to resume next week, with “Jimmy” Page also at the crease. Kingsford are 1/30 something. Well done to all today. Great work in the field!

Part two:
(again from hazy memory) With a not lot of things going our way, B-Team was unable to get the outright. After a really good batting performance, highlighted by Joe Cleaves 69*, we declared our innings at 3/227 with a ~90 run lead.

Despite some really good bowling, the depleted (because of Covid they were reduced to 8 players) Ramsgate side batted very sensibly and cautiously, and we were unable to get them out.

A couple of dropped catches didn’t help us, but it was great to get a win on the board for the 21/22 season.

Thank you to everyone this week and last week, who contributed either with bat or ball, in the field for us (or for them), and special thanks to YOUR club Secretary Declan, who not only umpired for a good chunk of the game, but also scored during our innings, AND for the undermanned Ramsgate side. Well done, you lot!

Selected comments:
Morley: Things we love to hear
Declan: What impressed me was that there were a number of significant contributions with bat and ball. Also the energy in the field was good-well marshalled by stand-in Skipper Smokey. Good signs for the rest of the season