By Declan

6th Grade win last over thriller with 1 wicket to spare-John Wright hitting a 6 to win the game.

ICC posted 8/126 with wickets shared around- Salty with a wicket off his first ball and Evo with a very sharp caught & bowled.

We finish on 9/130- Will top score with 56,John with 35 Not Out and Gazi with 20

Selected comments:
Gazi: 4 in a row boys. Great done. Will, thank you. It was master blaster ! John Wright you are a legend. Well Captained by Chris Day
Will: This game stands without peer as the most tenacious, unlikely victory I’ve ever seen for this club.
Jim W: What’s going on with your auto-correct? John Wright doesn’t hit 6s.
Snacks: Well done guys excellent work!!!!