We play both summer and winter comp. More about winter later…

In summer we play Saturdays in the Moore Park & South eastern Cricket Association. All matches start at 1300h, so you need to be at the ground at least 15 minutes early.

The games are a mix of two day and one day matches all on Astroturf pitches at Moore Park, Rowland Park (Kingsford), and Booralee Park in Botany. All of these sites can be googled and there are maps on the Apaches website.

One day matches are 40 overs a side. Two day matches are maximum of 70 overs per innings, and can lead to outright results. Competition points are 6 for a first innings win, and 10 for an outright win.

Some of us also play for a couple of clubs on Sundays which are 35 over one days matches on turf and can be all over the place. If you are interested please let me know. More about them later.

We currently have three sides: Our A team plays in the 2nd grade comp and are pretty competitive, but also enjoy their cricket. B team plays in 3rd grade, and C team in 4ths grade. C team is very much a development team, with players who are returning to cricket after a time off, enjoying semi-retirement and enjoying their twilight cricketing years, or still haven’t grown facial hair yet.

You are welcome to play in any team you choose, but typically we will start you out in the C team. Please keep in mind that if you want to play in a higher grade you are welcome to, and there may be occasion that you are requested to come up.

It is difficult to really explain the standards that people play to. In general, the lower the grade the more bad balls you can expect per over, the more catches you will see dropped, and the more wild swinging from the batsmen.  There isn’t much in the way of physically aggressive bowling and it’s rare to find anyone bowling at speeds the professionals approach. I am told the fastest we see if 120kms.

We have full kits of equipment, including helmets, so you do not need gear other than white pants ($20-30 at Rebel?), white shirts and predominantly white shoes. Hat, sunscreen, and drink(s) are also a good idea.

The apaches themselves are a friendly bunch and a diverse group from schoolboys, uni students, tradesmen, tech staff, musicians, journalists and consultants. They are a pretty good bunch, easy going, supportive and often able to help out with a lift to the game, (re-)training advice, and old anecdotes.

We train 2-3 times a week, and attendance is encouraged.

  • Tuesdays 1800h @ Marrickville Oval nets,
  • Wednesday 1800h Snape Park, Maroubra,
  • and (reserve day) Thursdays 1800h at Tempe reserve

Let us know if you are intending to come if you can. The different days and locations were an attempt to cater for everyone. Some people train at indoor nets during the day. If you are interested in organizing something in your area, ask on the forum or facebook group, as there are apaches all over Sydney, and you can always drop by your local nets and practice with whoever is there.

We are sponsored by the Lakes Hotel at Eastlakes, and go back to the pub for a drink or two, and food and to compare notes and catch up after the game. It would be great for you to join us if you can.