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The Arthur Walker Reserve Massacre

SMCA Div 15 Round 7: 4 August 2019 vs Malabar United A

Arthur Walker Reserve, Concord, was the site of a massacre at the hands Tim Bykov and Bryan Seymour this sunny Sunday, but even chasing a miserly total can’t be taken lightly…

The oval is a rather small ground with a hard and quick outfield, but otherwise picturesque – providing ample shade and a few nets to practice in as the day’s play unfolds.

We lost the toss and bowled first. A decision the opposition (Malabar) would rue.

It was immediately clear that anything short would be punished on the tiny ground. While the opening batsmen looked OK for the first two or three overs, it didn’t take long for cracks to appear.

First to strike was Tim, who took a sharp C&B to remove the captain. Bryan would take the next scalp, sending middle tumbling down towards the keeper. Bykov would strike again with an LBW, and then again in his fourth over courtesy of a reflex catch by Jeremy Holland at square leg. He’d go on to get another LBW in his fifth over and was therefore poised to take a five wicket haul.

In the meantime, Bryan was denied some big shouts for LBs of his own, eventually making up for it with another clean bowled. Bykov’s final over appeared destined for a 5/ when the first ball was hit to Will Sammuri at mid on, hard and low. It was a regulation catch regardless, but was unfortunately dropped to the team and Bykov’s disappointment. The second ball just missed John at first slip, and Tim, the world’s unluckiest bowler would finish on 4/45 when he really deserved a fifth wicket. Bryan would also end his spell on 2/14.

Smokey Hawkins was given some valuable time with the ball pre-finals, and tightened up after the first over to be 1/23 after three by dismissing the last man standing with a ball that took several ricochets onto the stumps. In the previous two overs, Sammuri had bowed one batsman, while another was caught at mid off by Nick Surman to finish on figures of 2/7.

We were chasing 89 for victory, and decided to rejig the batting order to ensure everyone made a day of coming to the cricket. As such, keeper and debutant Laurence Smith opened alongside Jeremy Holland. Laurence (4) looked superb before smashing a ball down the throat of long on. Surman played a customary cut shot for one before being bowled (1).

At this point, a few nervous laughs were running through the Apaches camp. Duncan Pryse-Jones went in at 4, consolidating nicely with Jeremy Holland to see off valuable balls from one of their fast openers. Dunc got impatient and was bowled slogging to mid wicket, and Jeremy was out LBW for 10.

Sammuri and Wright were therefore at the crease with about 50 runs to get and 4 wickets down against an opposition with their tails up. The two have steered the side home in the batting department a few times this year, and today was no exception. The roles, however, were reversed as Wright hit 6 4s on his way to 42* while Sammuri played the patient hand, picket-fencing his way to 17* bar one six late in the innings. The two never looked like getting out, however, they probably weren’t thrilling to watch. Simply noodling around until the total was reached.

While we were probably never in too much trouble with the likes of Bryan, Al, and Tim yet to come, it’s a valuable lesson that all totals can be a challenge if the opposition are bowling well enough.

Apaches chase 89 with 9 overs to spare.

1st inns. – Malabar United A won the toss and chose to bat
Malabar United A: 89
Bykov 4/45
Seymour 2/14
Sammuri 2/7

2nd inns. – Apaches 4/92
Wright 42*
Sammuri 17*
Holland 10

Big scores on tiny Revesby

SMCA Div 15 Round 6: 20 July 2019 vs Smithsfield RSL B

Smithfield RSL remained the only team we’d never faced before, due to the miss-communicated washout from two weeks ago. Although lower than us on the ladder, anything can happen on a ground as small as Johnstone Reserve, Revesby.

Apaches bowled first, which was good considering our remarkable record in the past few weeks at chasing big totals. A par score seemed to be about the 230-240 mark considering the extremely small boundaries.

Isaac Williams (1/35) and Sammuri (0/35) were causing issues for the batsmen early on. Their figures were actually quite respectable considering the size of the ground. Any ball that caught an edge or was fortuitously hit either side of a fielder was going for a boundary. Isaac took the first wicket of the match, removing one of the openers with an outswinger accepted at slip by John, who took it like an AFL mark over his head.

The next 10-15 overs, however, were lean in terms of wickets. Morley (1/27 off 4) bowled extraordinarily, but again, anything that marginally missed a fielder was a boundary. Morley was zipping the ball past the edge continuously.

Nothing much by the way of wickets, but we managed to restrict the run flow as best we could. GG, (0/20 off 3), Smokey Hawkins (0/27 off 3) and John (0/38 off 6) were instrumental in keeping the run rate down. The fact that the opposition only hit one 6 the whole innings was a testament to the bowling.

Late in the match, the second wicket fell when John speared a ball in from deep mid-wicket, which ran out an opposition batsman. Even a ball that trickled to the boundary was difficult to run 2 on. It was a match where it was either 1 or 4 off the batsman’s blade.

Bryan Seymour bowled the final 6 overs having arrived late, but had immediate impact. Picking up two scalps, both bowled middle stump, and one of the more remarkable run-outs you’ll see, where a ball was smashed right back at him, nicked his hand, and hit the stumps at the bowler’s end to run out the batsman backing up. By the end of his amazing spell, Bryan had the figures of 2/20 off 6, and a run out to his name.

Rohit Ketkar (1/9 off 2) also bowled well at the death, forcing a rushing batsman into spooning the ball to Morley Goodchild at mid-off. Morley returned for the final over of the match, to claim a similar wicket, caught by John at mid on.

Overall, the bowling was tight without being spectacular. As someone put it, we only bowled one ball every couple of overs that deserved to go to the boundary, the rest were fortuitously hit there.

Apaches chasing 215 for victory.

As has been customary over the past few weeks, even 200+ totals have been chased with ease. Yesterday was no exception. Bryan (32) came out of the blocks firing, smashing a 6 into someone’s house within the first couple of overs, and smashing boundaries to all corners of the field, before he tried one too many and was stumped by an innocuous spinner.

Sammuri then came to the crease with he and Isaac continuing the onslaught. Isaac (40*) hit four 4s and two 6s before retiring, and Sammuri seven 4s and a 6 before also heading back to the sheds on 42*.

At this point John was at the crease noodling around and doing what John does. He was met by Rohit, before also retiring on 42*. Rohit was looking extremely solid in both attack and defence, playing a steady hand for those around him. GG was bowled for 7 off a full toss that may have been a marginal no-ball, and Duncan was also bowled after a few entertaining shots. Finally, Morley Goodchild and Rohit took us past the required total with 7 overs still to spare. Had Apaches batted first, they probably could have hit the 300 mark quite comfortably. Apaches end the match on 3/221.

Batting seems to be getting us across the line with ease, but the ruthlessness of the bowling needs to lift come the finals.

1st inns. – Smithfield RSL B won the toss and elected to bat
Smithfield RSL B: 7/215
Bryan Seymour – 2/20 from 6 overs
Rohit Ketkar – 1/9 from 2 overs

2nd inns. – Apaches: 3/221
William Sammuri – 42*
John Wright – 42*

The Whirlwind at Moore Park 6

SMCA Div 16 Round 6: 13 July 2019 vs Summer Hill C

For one day at least Chicago would have to give up its nickname, because if there was anywhere that was going to be called ‘The Windy City’ it was Sydney. The 50km/h winds were enough to shutdown flights at Sydney airport, but couldn’t deter Saturday morning park cricketers from doing what they love. With the wind blowing directly across the pitch swing was going to play a large factor, and several warmup deliveries showed that even balls sprayed wildly down legside had a good chance of being blown back on course for a good line outside off.

Winning the toss and electing to bowl the Apaches took to the field. Tim Bykov struck early with a leading edge that was skied to mid-off and was unlucky in his next over not to have their opener out with a chance being put down at first slip. Turnbull, Goodchild and Williams all chipped in with economical overs, but with a number of dropped chances and the wind blowing anything hit in the air towards Robertson Road for 6, the opposition was 2/106 at drinks with two retirees.

Chris Day entered the bowling attack after the drinks break and the wickets began to fall. Sharp bowling and good catching saw him finish with 3/24 off 5 overs, while GG tied up the other end with 1/35 off his 6. The flurry of wickets only succeeded in bringing the retired batsman back to the crease and while GG trapped one of them in front for 52, the dropped chance at slips earlier in the game cost us dearly as their opener took a liking to the short boundary. Consecutive deliveries were launched over Roberston Road. The first saw the match ball lost over the fence of one of the houses, and the second only narrowly avoiding the same fate by hitting a power pole halfway up and bouncing back towards Moore Park. Rob Turnbull eventually took the last wicket, but only after the opener had hit 123 runs and seen the team total to 237.

Missing a few of the more recognised Apaches batsmen, and with Paul Saltoon and Morley needing to leave early, we faced the daunting task of needing nearly 7 runs an over for 36 overs with only 8 batsmen. Isaac Williams and Smokey Hawkins opened the batting, both finding early boundaries to keep the run rate up. Yap (6) was dismissed early, nicking a ball that he was trying to late cut to the short boundary.

Day (16), Wheeler (7) and Pryse-Jones (5) made short, but fast scoring cameos, all finding boundaries in their time at the crease to make sure we kept on top of the run rate. Williams eventually retired on 40 and we went into drinks at 4/107. Very much still in with a shot, but with not a lot of wickets in the bank.

After the drinks break Turnbull and Bykov put on a masterclass in running between the wickets. Quick singles and paddle sweeps for 2 kept the score ticking along. Three 6s and three 4s helped Turnbull to his 40 quickly and he joined Williams back on the sideline.

Bryan Seymour came in and picked up where Turnbull left off. Consistent singles and the occasional boundary saw the Apaches pile on 121 runs without the loss of a wicket at more that 7 an over. Bykov (23) was eventually bowled and Williams (46) only added 6 more runs to the score before meeting the same fate.

At 6/202 the Apaches were in the driving seat, needing only a run a ball for the last 6 overs and with two in form batsmen at the crease. The runs didn’t stop flowing and Summer Hill put down a few chances in the blustery conditions. Turnbull (47*), having never made a 50 before, was denied the chance by Seymour (62*) who hit back to back boundaries to end the game with 3 overs to spare.

It was a fantastic team effort to run down a very tough score. Contributions with the bat and ball from everyone made for a very memorable win. Good work Apaches!

1st inns. – Apaches won the toss and elected to bowl

Summer Hill C: 9/237
Chris Day – 3/24 from 5 overs
Isaac Williams – 1/12 from 3 overs

2nd inns. – Apaches: 6/241
Bryan Seymour – 62*
Robert Turnbull – 47*

Rocks and diamonds

SMCA Div 16 Round 4: 15 June 2019 vs. The Ponds B

Rocks and diamonds.

It’s the only cliche that can aptly describe today’s match.

Our opposition, The Ponds, came from the same club as The Miracle in Milperra, so we were confident of some high-quality and entertaining cricket today. We did… in patches.

Apaches elected to bowl first with the bowling of Brad Koch (0/9) and Bryan Seymour (0/31). Both had the ball moving beautifully through the air, with Bryan tailing it in, and Brad mostly moving it out. Edges were beaten, and LBWs turned down, but the opposition batsmen remained resolute. Brad was desperately unlucky to not have one of the opposition openers out LBW, and it was a decision we’d be ruing all day. The opener would go on to score 119.

Sammuri replaced Koch after three of his overs, as the plan was to save him for the finish of the innings due to his miserly economy rate. Immediately, the opener took a liking to Sammuri’s bounce and started to take him to town. Similar things were happening to Seymour. Fortunately, he retired on 40. Sammuri immediately took care of the #3 LBW, and soon after had the #4 caught behind by Smokey Hawkins. Numbers 7 and 8 fell the same way, LBW and caught behind to Sammuri (4/24).

In the mean time, Zac Abbott was bowling at the other end and making inroads. Not to be outshone, his first over yielded two wickets, one masterfully caught by John Wright, and the other by Bryan at full stretch at square leg. He took a further LBW to finish three overs 3/20. From getting absolutely pummelled, the Apaches were in the commanding position of having the opposition 7/85 at the break. The opener had scored 40*, the other opener 11, and from then on the opposition’s scorebook read a dismal 0,1,7,0,5,1.

However, as we know with winter cricket, we have to take all 9 wickets. And boy did we struggle to get the opener out. A few tough chances went down. One by Sammuri at slip, and the other by Cleaves at deep mid wicket. However, the opener was seriously impressive. While Smokey Hawkins(0/44) and John Wright (1/31) contained him, we couldn’t stop him reaching a masterful century. After John had earlier dismissed his lower-order batting partner for 16 by bowling his off stump, we eventually dismissed the centurion when Smokey ran out his lazy partner.

Apaches were left chasing 164, 119 of which were scored by one man.

Bryan and John opened the batting. The Ponds opened their bowling with a sharp bowler who liked to bowl short. The first ball off the innings was directed at Byran’s body, and took an unfortunate ricochet off his stomach into the stumps. Truly unlucky. Cleaves went out to bat at #3 and was keeping the sharp opener out with some courageous batting. Similarly, John continued to patiently hold his own and work it around. A change of bowling, to an in-swinger brought an end to Joe Cleaves for 4 runs, after he was bowled. Sammuri and John Wright set out to consolidate. It was a job partially done as we were 2/53 at the break.

Needing 6 an over for the rest of the match, John and Will took a few boundaries and risk-free singles. Both batsmen retired within a few balls for each other.

With two men retired in the sheds, and a score of 91 not long after the break, Apaches were confident. In a fashion similar to The Ponds, however, the middle order were part of a collapse. Brad (12) was looking superb, smacking a towering 6 and a belting a 4 before going for one too many and getting caught on the longest boundary of the field. Josh Mavin was unlucky to be given out caught behind for 2, while Surman was bowled for a duck. Abbott looked good for his 4 before being caught and bowled, which brought Sammuri back to the crease. He wouldn’t add any more to the score, caught first ball back by a sharp catch at silly mid on. Wright and Yap were the only hopes.

Unfortunately, John was run out for 42. Yap (6) made some picket-fence contributions, but was caught behind pushing the score, as by this point the run-rate had crept to 9 an over.

Apaches all out for 114.

Both teams will go home thinking the same thing: Happy with the bowling, but wondering how different the game could have been with more even contributions with the bat.

1st inns. – Apaches won the toss and elected to bowl
The Ponds B: 9/164
Will Sammuri – 4/24 from 6 overs
Zac Abbott – 3/20 from 3 overs

2nd inns. – Apaches: 9/114
Wright 42
Sammuri 40

Summer Hill hold off Apaches in final over

SMCA Div 15 Round 1: 4 May 2019 vs Summer Hill A at Moore Park 7

The match between Kingsford Apaches A and Summer Hill A was an enthralling one, with the result in the balance until the final two balls.

Kingsford elected to bowl first, fearing rain would interfere with the match (it didn’t). A medical emergency to GG’s cat saw us with 8 men in the field the whole innings.

Sammuri (1/20, 6 overs) and Holland (2/18, 6 overs) opened the bowling and both struck with an LBW in their first over. Summer Hill were reeling at 2/2 after two overs. From there, the batsmen consolidated. They weren’t scoring quickly as the bowling remained extremely tight, but the next wicket didn’t fall until the 12th over (bowled Holland).

Summer Hill reached the break at 3/63.

Kingsford needed a strong bowling effort from their inexperienced change bowlers in the second half of the match in order to restrict Summer Hill. While CleavesKetkar, and Mampitiyarachchi bowled some absolute pearlers, the bowling was inconsistent and many wides were bowled. Wright and Bykov finished the innings professionally, picking up wickets and vital dot-balls from the 30th over onward.

Missing a recognised keeper in the squad also didn’t help, as Sammuri began to struggle to gather balls being bowled wide down the leg side – some of which the batsmen were able to sneak an extra run off (although, miraculously, only one bye went to his name).

By the end of the Kingsford bowling innings, there were 68 extras for the match. We’ll have to check if that’s a record.

Chasing 198 for victory, Sammuri and Mampitiyarachchi opened the batting. Sammuri took a liking to both opening bowlers, and had amassed 38 runs by the 6th over of the match. An ill-disciplinced cut shot, however, saw his innings end two short of a valuable retirement. GG (13) also made a blistering start, but fell to the same cut shot off the same bowler. Cleaves drove one to cover, but Sujee stayed strong, and with Surman began to rebuild. Kingsford were 3/89 at the break. The run-rate not a problem.

Sujee retired in the 25th over, and Surman (16) fell to – you guessed it – a cut shot. Holland (27) and Wright (15*) made valuable contributions in the middle order, but the run-rate kept climbing. Last week’s hero Bykov was unable to combine with Wright to score the required 18 runs off the final over and Kingsford ended their 36 overs on 190.

1st inns. – Apaches won the toss and elected to bowl
Jeremy Holland – 2/18 from 6 overs
John Wright – 2/35 from 6 overs

2nd inns.
Sujee Mampitiyarachchi – 42*
Will Sammuri – 38

Apaches cruise to comfortable victory over Malabar

SMCA Div 15 Round 3: 1 June 2019 vs Malabar United A

Apaches boasted two players on debut along with the returning Matt Wright who was playing his first game in three years.

We elected to bowl first, and we’re off to a good start. Isaac Williams (2/11) and Will Sammuri (0/9) restricted the opposition to 2/20 off 12 overs. Isaac took both wickets as the desperately unlucky Sammuri was denied a wicket by seemingly holographic stumps. One of Isaac’s wickets was an astounding catch by Matt, and the other by Al at mid off.

Yap and the debuting Nick Thompson were up next. While Thompson bowled some pearlers, he was also erratic. However, he showed excellent promise. Smokey (1/33) struck a batsman in front. The opposition had only scored 67 off 18 overs. They had an excellent batsman who smacked us around a bit after the break. Smokey Hawkins hit a lovely runout, and Nick Thompson took two excellent catches in the deep off John Wright (3/45). Wheeler was unlucky not to get a wicket, but bowled tightly. Sujee and Matt helped finish off the overs. The opposition eventually all out for 187.

Isaac and Sujee opened our batting innings. In the second over, Isaac hit four 4s, and looked ominous before being out LBW for 22. Sujee was solid but was struggling to time the ball, eventually out for 25. Josh Mavin, another debut player was very unlucky with an inside edge that nicked the stumps for 4. GG was bowled after smacking 8. John kept the run rate ticking as always. Snacks unfortunately was also bowled.

The opposition’s attack was good, but we just kept the runs coming. Sammuri came to the crease after Snack’s departure and was seeing it well, hitting 27 very comfortably before hitting a glorious cover drive wide of cover, but not wide enough, spectacularly caught by a diving fielder.

Matt Wright finally made his return to the crease and was just sublime in his strokeplay. With John still at the crease, they were making the run chase look easy. Matt had a restriction where he was automatically out after hitting 40, and he did. Nick went in to bat, and whilst he didn’t score a run, a ball went for 4 byes which granted us the win with 3 overs to spare.

1st inns. – Malabar United A won toss and elected to bat
John Wright – 3/45 from 5 overs
Isaac Williams – 2/11 from 6 overs

2nd ins.
Matt Wright – 40*
John Wright – 38*

Apaches snatch brilliant win in Milperra

This week we will be ‘featuring’ (i.e. catching up) on some recent match reports from the winter Apaches teams. First up, this thrilla in Milperra…

SMCA Div 15 Round 2: 19 May 2019 vs The Ponds A at Milperra

Apaches all arrived on time to the distant realm of Milperra. A miracle in itself.

Ernie Schinella made a guest appearance and tried to break all our ribs with a hug in customary Ernie fashion. Anthony Cutajar also heeded the Apaches’ call.

We were greeted by a beautiful ground and an opposition (The Ponds) that had a tape measure out to ensure the boundaries were even on all sides. There was also a horse on the neighbouring field. This was no Moore Park 7.

A losing toss meant we had to bowl. In every match this year, Will Sammuri has struck in the first over of the innings, and Jeremy Holland in the first two of his spell. Immediately, however, we saw that the two batsmen at the crease were formidable in their watchfulness and defence. They could also punish a bad ball. However, Holland and Sammuri gave them nothing. Holland finished his spell producing many chances and on 0/18. Sammuri 0/8 off his six. The opening 12 overs were of McGrath-level tightness.

As has been our issue in past weeks, the middle overs weren’t all that flash. After the pressure eased off, runs flowed. Wheeler looked dangerous, but went 0/32 off 4. Tim Bykov (0/38 off 5) was uncharacteristic in bowling full tosses that were duly hit for 4s. Notice anything? That’s right. At this point in the match, not a single wicket has fallen. 0/87 at the break, The Ponds looked in control. After comfortably driving elegantly through the covers, the opposition number 3 was nicked off by the aptly-named Nick Surman (1/38 off 4), and finally, Apaches had their first wicket.

More of the same ensued, however. Schinella (2/43 off 6) was getting whacked, and Surman had begun to leak runs. Ernie made another breakthrough by bowling an opposition batsman. Another thanks to a miraculous, full-stretch slips catch. The umpire said he’d only ever seen a catch like that in KFC classic catches.

As the scoring had begun to accelerate, Cutajar (0/37 off 5) was called upon finish the overs. He bowled much better than the figures indicate. In all, Apaches only took 3 wickets for a whopping 220 runs.

The mood at the break was sombre. Not because of the cricket, but because of Grant and Ernie’s vitriolic rants against the Liberal party.

Wright and Cutajar opened the batting. In fashion contrary to what we know, John Wright was absolutely smashing it. He took a liking to the bowlers and retired on 40 having faced an estimated 22 balls.

Cutajar (33) was playing a glorious hand at the other end. A great lesson in punishing a bad ball. Schinella (3) was at 3, and was out caught at slip pushing the score. Same with Rohit Ketkar who was out for a duck caught at keeper. The run-rate was at 6 an over at the break, but it wasn’t enough, especially when Cutajar nicked on to slip. Wheeler (10) and Surman (15) tried to push the scoring. Grant caught at gully, and Nick run out of an excellent direct hit. Wheeler’s dismissal bought Sammuri to the crease.

The captain had forseen that some lower-order hitting was needed and therefore pushed himself down to 7 to see if he could hit the Apaches to victory. First ball of his innings he hit the ball straight down mid-on’s throat. Who dropped it. The reprieve was just what Sammuri needed, and he was sure to make the most of his chance when he smashed a ball to square leg. Who dropped it. Surely there’d be a third chance. He was giving it away!

But alas, from then on, Sammuri found the middle of the bat and with Holland (7), started to tick along. Holland was bowled by a pearler. Sammuri retired very quickly. Realising the best way to stop giving away chances was to not be at the crease. Bykov (2) entered the fray but hit one to mid off. Sammuri came back three balls after retiring, and just kept hitting. Along with the returning Wright, started making a push for an unlikely victory. Three towering 6s from Sammuri, and a flurry of singles from Wright. Saw the Apaches needing only 19 off three overs for victory.

Somehow, we’d clawed our way back. Another six by Sammuri and some hard running meant the total was 12 off 2 overs. Again, the skipper sent one high and long, but there was no third time lucky. He was caught for 70 on the boundary. It was all down to John Wright. A delectable late glide for 4 and some more hard running left 7 to chase off the final over. A leg glance trickled its way to the boundary. 3 off 5. That became 3 off 4. That became 3 off 3.

That became a famous VICTORY for the Apaches when John smacked a pull shot for 4, and the Apaches chased 220 with 2 balls and one wicket to spare. It was a match played in great spirits between the two sides.

The cool-headed John ended his innings unbeaten on 72*.

What. A. Player.

What. A. Match.

1st inns. – The Ponds A won toss and elected to bat
Ernie Schinella – 2/43 from 6 overs
Nick Surman – 1/38 from 4 overs

2nd inns.
John Wright – 72*
Will Sammuri – 70

Registrations now open for 2018 winter competition

The Apaches will be fielding two teams in the SMCA competition this winter season and we are accepting registrations for new (and not so new) players. The Apaches have been a successful winter club in recent years, with premierships in each of the last three seasons.

Contact us to play.

Apaches celebrate the 2016 Grand Final victory

Apaches Three-peat in Winter!

The Apaches have made it SMCA Grand Final wins three years running with a 12th Grade Grand Final Victory on 19 August 2017.

Winter 2017 Grand Final vs Cheetahs Sports Club
Match Report

Player of the match is Will Sammuri! 43* and 2/22

Regan 40*
Isaac Williams 40*
Smokey Hawkins 2/28 (6)
Ashwin Kirubanandan 2/12 (4.5)

Regan lost the toss and heard the sweet sound of “we’ll have a bat”

Will and Tim Bykov opened, both making it difficult for the batsman.

We toiled for 35 minutes, accumulating many dots.

Will got us off and rolling, a beautiful outswinger unbalancing the batsman for a plumb LBW.  Will then procured a miscue which went directly to Isaac at deep square leg. Important breakthrough! Smokey Hawkins bowled nice areas and variations, his patience rewarded with a pleasing LBW.

Ajeet Kumar pitched the ball up, fierce inswing proving too much for their best batter, who top edged it to Isaac. Smokey keeps on getting important wickets, this time taking a caught and bowled.

Morley Goodchild bowled tight lines, forcing the miscued drive, Timmy taking the catch. Paul kept an audience waiting to see this happen. John forced their captain to miscue, Will taking it cleanly at long on. Ashwin forced another miscue and John took the catch.

Ashwin’s pace proved too much for the pinch hitters. He took an edge, dutifully caught by Regan.

Isaac and Regan opened the batting.

Regan picked a good day to hit form, patiently nudging around until after drinks, retiring not out for the first time this season. Encouragement from the sidelines helped him get there, as he was getting pretty tired!

Isaac once again proved his performance and reliability, with yet another fluent red ink innings. He had a small bit of fortune, top edging on 39, but was dropped and then retired not out, having hit 7 boundaries. Isaac finishes the winter season with a batting average of 82 – #1 for the Apaches. Well done, sir!

Will came to the crease and started hitting boundaries almost immediately, the Cheetahs looked downtrodden at this point. Will retires a few balls after Regan, after hitting 8 boundaries, including a six into a car. No smashed windscreen this time though. He closes out the season with 690 runs and 20 wickets. Amazing job, Will! The next Matt Wright?

Ajeet rocked up at the crease and hit a boundary before being bowled. Morley was cruelly denied strike but looked confident. Ashwin arrived at the crease and showed good technique, hitting the winning runs.

It has been a marvellous season, I have had an awesome time playing alongside everyone.

Special thanks to Michael TurekPaul McLeanDuncan PJ, Grant Wheeler, Bibin AntonyGordon George Gomez – you made this possible!
In fact, thank you to everyone that played, it was a true club effort. Bring on summer!

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