Outline of cricket options

OK, there are really quite a lot of competitions in Sydney.

The top-level of competition is called Sydney Grade - this is the highest level of local cricket, and has about 6 grades. Sydney Cricket Club (formerly Balmain CC) plays here

Slightly below, but not far off is a comp called Sydney Shires - these clubs are close to grade level, and their 1st grade in this comp is probably about the same as 3rd grade in the Sydney Grade comp.

Next level down is what's loosely termed Park Cricket - this is the level that all the other comps play at in local cricket associations - the Moore Park & South East Assoc covers an area that is pretty much as the name suggests, Parramatta District Cricket covers Parramatta etc. The Sydney Morning Comp is also a Park Cricket comp, that plays in the mornings whereas most comps play in the afternoon. My club, the Apaches, plays in the MPSECA comp, as well as the SMCA-run Winter Cricket comp (the only one that plays during winter here from late April to August)

Sooo... If you are actually a really good player, then working on getting into Sydney CC, or Easts, or Randwick-Petersham or UNSW (who all play Grade) may well be worthwhile. Otherwise, contacting a park level club - such as the Apaches - may be the go.