Welcome to Winter 2017

Please note: Winter Cricket is run under the name Apaches, and has a number of over-lapping players, but is a separate entity from the Summer Kingsford Apaches Club

Brief rundown on how Winter is different: Well, it's 9 a side, the matches are one-dayers of 36 overs from each team, with a maximum of 6 overs per bowler.

Which makes it a lot more social, everyone gets a go, and there's no 2 week matches

Due to its excessive popularity over the last few years, each Division plays every second week - even numbered divisions play one week, off numbered divisions the other week. Also due to the popularity, there are usually a couple of Sunday matches sprinkled through the mix as well...


Season 2017 is meant to starts on April 22/23 for Even Divisions, and April 29/30 for Odd Divisions this season.


With the Apaches, there are a range of fees to suit how often you wish to play:

  • Per match - $30 - Perfect for the player low on funds, or who only wishes to play a game here and there. Includes umpire's fees
  • Per season - $150 - To play every second week with an Even or Odd numbered Divisional team. A total of 7 matches plus any finals are covered by this. Doesn't include $5 upires fees per match

Also, each match will have an umpire - budget $5/match to pay the umpire. And support of the sponsor is considered an important part of playing - getting back to the pub for at least a lemonade after the matches should be part of your commitment.


You can email Webko, or
Register online, or
just catch up with me at some stage and we'll work it out. I'll probably run a rego arvo or evening at some stage - more news when I get it.