Alexandria Park

Used by: MPSECA to Season 0203 - not currently used

Allegedly turf, really cruddy turf/rolled mud. Just off McEvoy St.

Not currently used by the MPSECA, as it really was a goat track not-very-cleverly disguised as a turf pitch. One of the players from the 2002-03 season is still believed lost in the popping crease crevasse.

Notable Incidents

[02-03] The ground where we read the MCC rules and discovered one of our players had been bowled by a no-ball, as it hit the ground 3 times before the front batting crease - there are not too many pitches you have to worry about that one.

[02-03] Steamboat coming on as a sub after a heavy afternoon, and finishing the match with a direct hit run out from square leg. Same match that Sprout got a reprieve for 'not being ready'

[01-02] AL being hit clean over the dressing sheds in a very high arc that ended in the front windscreen of Andrew Vaughan's brand new car...