Booralee Park, Botany

Used by: MPSECA

A little awkward to get to and not the greatest ground in previous years, although the council has fixed it up somewhat this season, with the runups now in all weather black rubber stuff. Plenty of parking available.

Botany Road is probably the better path if you are coming from the city direction, you can get onto that just after central station.

From the Eastern suburbs, Wentworth Avenue is possibly a better bet and then coming down Page Street and swinging around Garnet Jackson reserve.

See the closeup map for the pitch numbers. Note there is no #2 on this ground...

Notable Incidents

As one of the perennial grounds for the MPSECA, too many to name them all.

[0405] Sledgefest on Booralee 4 - us vs Coogee Randwick RSL. We lost.