Gardiners Park, Banksia - RIP

Used by: SMCA until Winter 2006

Winter Comp is always the time to find the least convenient ground - this one is down south, between Forrest Rd and the Princes Hwy.

From the pub, take Gardener Rd to Canal Rd, then turn left onto the Princes Hwy. Down through Tempe, across the water, up the hill past the exit from the M4 then turn right into Forrest Rd. That's the single black line across the top of the map.

The other method is similar, but go past Forrest Rd, down the long incline, and turn right just before Banksia station and use the underpass to get to Godfrey St

Notable Incidents

[2006] Soccer wins over cricket, and another pitch bites the dust

[1984] Webko plays a hockey semi-final for Glebe U15s and score 3 goals. Also remembers how to get back there when he plays his first match on it for Winter Comp 20 years later...

[2004] Cam White hits one of the biggest sixes in the clubs history, onto the club house roof. Doesn’t sound so impressive, except the pitch is between 2 hockey fields, so it's about 50 meters to the boundary. There's another 15 meters of park beyond that, and the club house is 3 stories tall - call it about a 120 meter hit in order to put it on the roof.

[2004] Same match, one of the opposition fielders unfortunately completely lost sight of the ball, and took it flush in the face - ouch, a lot.