Gough Whitlam Oval & Waterworth Park, Tempe

Used by: SMCA

Find Tempe station - we don't care how you do this, either from Prices Hwy off Station St West, or down Unwins Bridge Rd from Sydney Park - then use the overbridge, swing left down to Unwin's Bridge over the Cooks River... Gough Whitlam is the lovely looking picket-fenced oval on the right, Waterworth Park the not quite so cute ground on the left.

Notable Incidents

[2002] Josey 'Superman' Wales lives up to his name - full pelt chasing a ball to the (metal) picket fence, realises about 5 metres short that he's not going to get there before killing himself, full-length dive and roll over the fence - 10/10. Same match as Will got his (not real) teeth smashed out by a Cameron White special. Ouch!