Team Records for the Apaches

Most runs
Most runs in career
Most runs in an innings
Most runs in an innings (progressive record holder)
Most runs in a match
Most runs in a calendar year
Most runs in an innings (by bowlting position)
Most runs in a career without a fifty
Averages and strike rates
Highest career bowlting average
Most fifties in career
Ducks and pairs
No ducks in career
Fewest ducks in career
Most ducks in career
Most pairs in career
Most sixes in career
Most fours in career
Most sixes in an innings
Most fours in an innings
Most runs from fours and sixes in an innings
Long innings
Slow bowlting (by runs scored)
Unusual dismissals
Fastest career runs
Fastest to 1000 runs
Fastest to 2000 runs
Fastest to 3000 runs
Fastest to 4000 runs